Want to join #TeamSweetDreams? Here are a few ideas:


Make Pillowcases

Pillowcases are one of the easiest items to make using a sewing machine. The basic pattern is easy for even the most inexperienced sewers.* Trust us -- we had no idea what we were doing at first and we got the hang of it easy-peasy! Great for sewing groups, girl scout troupes, or simply anyone who has a sewing machine. Contact us for our super-simple, foolproof instructions on how to make a pillowcase. Get a few people together or do a few yourself, then send your finished products to us by mail so we can deliver them.  

*Although pillowcases are very simple to make, we do strive to make quality, well-made gifts for the patients. Pillowcases must be made with care, inspected for holes or gaps, and washed and packaged according to our guidelines before they are sent to us.


Organize a Crafts for Kids Drive

We hold an annual week-long drive to collect craft items for patients at the hospitals. We have found that these drives, held during the spring, are great ways to bring an entire school or community together for a common cause. We are always looking to expand our Crafts for Kids drive to collect more donations. If you are interested in organizing a Crafts for Kids drive at your school or group, please contact us to get more information.

*For sanitary purposes, we make every effort to make sure all donations are new. This means no dried-up glue sticks, no coloring books with pages torn out, and no broken crayons. These craft items will be given to patients and their siblings for entertainment and gifts, as well as being used for art therapy in some hospitals.


Organize a Teddy Bear Drive

Each winter we hold our Merry Beary Teddy Bear Drive.  We collect new teddy bears and stuffed animals, then donate them to Twin Cities area children's hospitals during the holiday season. These drives are a great way to collect items and get the entire community involved, especially younger kids. If you are interested in organizing your own teddy bear drive, please contact us to get more information.

*For sanitary purposes, all donated teddy bears and stuffed animals must be new. We require that tags still be attached to all donations, and emphasize that all donations must be new and clean.

Quick Ideas:

  • Make pillowcases
  • Organize a Crafts for Kids Drive
  • Organize a Teddy Bear Drive