Have you or your child recieved a Sweet Dreams pillowcase? 

We are trying to gather a collection of photos of the children our pillowcases have reached that we can put on our website and our Facebook page. We would love it if you would take a picture of your child with their Sweet Dreams pillowcase and send it to us. If you are willing to participate, please email the photo to us at [email protected] or contact us using the "Contact Us" tab up top with any questions.

Damaged Pillowcase?

We make our pillowcases with the utmost care, but it is possible that we could make a mistake or miss a sewing error during our final inspection.  If you or your child received a Sweet Dreams pillowcase and it has become damaged (hole, ripped seam, etc.) we will be happy to fix it for you.  Simply email us ([email protected]) or fill out the form on the "Contact Us" tab above.  Be sure to give us your name and describe what is wrong with your pillowcase.  We will be happy to repair your pillowcase or send you a new one.